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Posted January 15, 2020

CORE Construction Begins

Work is expected to impact areas around campus including RAW Plaza, Meiklejohn Hall, Union courtyard, library

Construction on the new CORE building began in early January.

Construction for Cal State East Bay’s newest building, CORE, has begun. Construction is expected to impact popular areas around campus including the RAW Plaza, the Upper Science ramp, the walkway along the RAW, Meiklejohn Hall, the Union courtyard and the library. 

The RAW plaza and Upper Science ramp will have moving trucks and heavy equipment, along with a construction fence on one side. Students in the area may also experience noise from heavy equipment, dust, vibrations and small flying particles. 

Once completed, CORE will give students access to cutting-edge forms of learning, creating and multidisciplinary-team problem solving, all skills and experiences essential for becoming the next generation’s workforce. 

“This construction begins an exciting phase for the campus as we all see this great new facility emerge from the ground up,” said Winnie Kwofie, associate vice president, facilities management. “However, the building process can be disruptive and we plan to share updates regularly. The most important things to remember are to be alert, be cautious and be safe.” 

CORE will be divided into three levels, each dedicated to serving different purposes for students. The first floor will house the Hub for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. It will allow inventors, entrepreneurs, start-ups and venture capitalists to engage in opportunities that will propel the creative and innovative economy into the next generation and beyond.

The second floor of CORE will serve as a 21st century library with a service and information desk, study and technology rooms, self-directed learning and work spaces for visitors, and an exterior roof deck open for selected hours.

The Student Center for Academic Achievement will be relocated on the third floor of CORE. At the SCAA, students of all majors receive guidance and peer mentoring in writing, reading, math and other disciplines. 

The CORE website will be updated regularly as new information is available about construction.

— Pablo Villasenor