EastBay Today

Posted December 11, 2017

KTVU Features Cal State East Bay’s Wheelchair Ballroom Class

The local news station highlighted the university’s emhasis on inclusive dancing

Students in Cal State East Bay's wheelchair ballroom class learn about making dance accessible and inclusive for all abilities.
Garvin Tso

Local news station KTVU recently visited Cal State East Bay's Hayward campus to highlight its wheelchair ballroom dance class, as well as the deep emphasis on inclusivity that runs through much of the curriculum within the university's Department of Theatre and Dance. "When we get just focused on certain ways of moving or certain kinds of bodies, it excludes people, but it also— to me — makes the field of dance boring.  It's so much more exciting to see lots of different kinds of people moving in different types of ways," Associate Professor Eric Kupers told reporters. Watch the full video here.