EastBay Today

Posted July 26, 2017


San Jose Mercury news interviews Cal State East Bay alumnus and recipient of Chan-Zuckerberg-funded 'Dreamer' scholarship

Alejandro Bautista Zuigade graduated in June with a bachelor's degree in business.
Garvin Tso

As part of its coverage of the millions in new funding gifted by the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative to TheDream.US, a Washington D.C.-based non-profit that funds scholarships for undocumented college students, the San Jose Mercury News has focused in on one "Dreamer" in particular: recent Cal State East Bay graduate Alejandro Bautista Zuigade. Zuigade, who came to Oakland from Mexico as an adolescent, has become an advocate among his fellow Dreamers, many of whom understandably wish to remain anonymous. During his time at Cal State East Bay, as he shared with the newspaper, he helped to start a resource center for undocumented students in response to growing deportation fears among his peers. Thanks to TheDream.US and the support of foundations like Chan-Zuckerberg, Zuigade has earned his degree — an opportunity that more than 100 new dreamers will have this year at Bay Area universities thanks to increased funding. Read the full story here.